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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gear

Every Harley-Davidson owner knows the pride and pleasure that goes with riding rolling thunder. Motorcycle riders often have a "bad boy" or "bad girl" image that they, quite frankly, are not overly concerned about. But the truth is, riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles is a lifestyle born of freedom and independence as well as an appreciation of quality. That is exactly the reason why Harley owners are so passionate about their bikes and enjoy touting the Harley name as well as wearing Harley-Davidson motorcycle gear.

Harley Gear combines it's own Style as well as Safety

Arguably, the most important piece of Harley gear is the helmet. The durable, life-saving Harley-Davidson helmet, no matter the style size or color, is always U.S. Department of Transportation approved for all fifty states. A lot of riders like to wear what are known as "novelty helmets" - many of which are not D.O.T. approved. But the fact is, many states and municipalities not only require riders to wear a helmet, but specify that the helmet most be D.O.T approved.

Of course, when a rider is not on the road, he or she can stay cool in more ways than one with a Harley helmet. It can keep the sun's heat from beating down so intensely on the head while letting a cool breeze flow through the hat to bring down the temperature a bit - making a riders at least a little cooler after one of those long, hot rides.

Of course, every rider enjoys that "two-fists in the air" open road feel while wearing a rugged leather motorcycle jacket. The jacket not only protects the rider from the elements - like wind, rain, blowing sand and road debris - it protects the rider from serious injuries and skin burns should they get caught up in an accident.

A lot of riders like to wear leather pants of chaps when they ride. They protect the rider from the same elements and accident injuries - as well as occasional hot exhaust pipes - while adding an extra layer of warmth.

Speaking of leather accessories, gloves are very important. Whether they completely cover the hand in winter or are fingerless in the summer, Harley gloves improve grip and protect the hands from debris strikes as well as skins burns should a rider every go off the bike.

Of course, eye protection is essential, too. And Harley has a wide selection of eye protection to choose from for both men and women. Impact resistant sunglasses are a great way to go. They filter out ultra-violet rays, cut down on road glare and many can withstand the impact of a pebble or airborne that may strike as fast as 100 mph.

All of these accessories have style and good looks on their side, but they all posses one more important feature - the ability to help keep the rider safe.