Build or Buy a Harley Davidson Custom Chopper

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A Custom Harley Davidson Chopper, Every Bikers Dream

If you're one of those people who live to ride and ride to live, you might want to own a Harley custom chopper someday. We're not talking about some run-of-the-mill standard type motorcycle with added-on chrome. Anybody with a sufficient amount of cash can drop by their local Harley Davidson outlet and ride off on a Road King.

A true custom Harley chopper is a one-of-a-kind design masterpiece that is created lovingly from the ground up. It's an original creation that reflects the persona or identity of its owner. It's painstakingly hard work to create and shape such a beautiful and unique machine, but the results are unbelievably rewarding.

You can't build the perfect Harley chopper overnight. The designer/builder needs to ensure that there's a perfect balance between the frame, forks, right rake, extension and the wheels, which need to support the entire frame's structure securely.

Everything needs to be taken into consideration when building a custom Harley. If you're truly hard core, you'll want to complete a full extension of the machine by using 100% custom parts for the engine, tank and frame. Nothing but the best goes into a custom Harley chopper.

What do you need in order to build your perfect custom motorcycle? First of all, you will need to have a boat-load of cash, because the type of craftsman that you need is not going to come cheaply, and how in the world can you find the right one?

Getting Started with Your Harley Chopper Project

It's helpful to read through motorcycle rider magazines, visit local motorcycle shows and events, and study every custom bike you may happen to come across. After researching all your options, including the internet, pick up the phone and contact a local artisan. Arrange to meet with him or her; and, if you feel good about their qualifications and experience, make a deal. This can be done with a handshake, a hefty financial transaction, and providing your signature on the dotted line.

You'll need to have a lot of patience from now on because it will take hours of meetings and discussions with your craftsman to get them to understand who you are and what matters most to you. They they'll need to take more time to put pen to paper and draw up a rough design sketch to present to you. Then the ideas and suggestions reflected on your initial design will be tweaked and adjusted a few more times until your Harley craftsman gives you a drawing that truly reflects your unique persona, and no one else's.

No detail is too small to be considered carefully during the vehicle's fabrication. Special attention is paid to the engine and transmission, which are the central core of your custom machine. All the other components are assembled around them. Every nut, bolt, chrome molding, handlebars, grips, saddle, absolutely everything that's incorporated into your custom chopper will be lovingly installed.

As your custom Harley nears completion, be prepared to spend a little more time disassembling and reassembling, testing and retesting. Now your Harley is finally ready for the last phase, custom paint. Your Harley motorcycle deserves the best paint job and should display the most outstanding graphics that you can afford. You can easily spend thousands of dollars and endure countless hours of backbreaking, knuckle-busting labor turning your Harley machine into an exceptional looking work of art.

These are just a few insights of mine which will hopefully prove helpful as you pursue your dream of acquiring a Harley custom chopper. Attaining your dream chopper is within your reach, as you're only limited by how much you can spend, and whether you can provide the necessary elbow grease.