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There is Harley Gift for Every Occasion

If you need to get something for a biker or motorcyclist close to you, but don't know what to get, don't worry - you're not alone. Bikers don't look at life in quite the same way the rest of us do, which can make things difficult when the holidays roll around. Here's a short guide to consider when you start looking for Harley Davidson gifts.

1. What time of year is it?

Right now, summer is winding down, and fall (and the colder weather it brings) is just around the corner. Though there are plenty of great riding days ahead, planning for cool weather will make any rider much more comfortable. Things to buy include windshields, heated clothes, full face helmets, and heated grips and seats.

When winter comes around, and it gets a little too cold to ride, many motorcyclists spend time working on their bikes. If you think your loved one(s) can handle a do-it-yourself project, and you want to get them something that will really improve their bike, now is the best time to get something really spectacular. It's the perfect time to get internal engine parts, like cams, a new exhaust system, or even send the bike in for a custom paint job done by a pro.

In spring, make sure to get products that will get the bike in tip-top shape. By now, bikers are just itching to ride! You should prepare for rainstorms or unpredictable weather by giving your loved one some new tires, a tuneup, GPS systems, rain suits, luggage systems, or a light-weight riding suit or leather jacket.

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Summer is the best time for riding, so your loved one might not be around all that much. Don't worry - they'll at home more often when the weather gets bad! In the meantime, you can still give them some great gifts. This is the time for riders to pine over ONE thing that their bike may be missing, so pay attention. You can also get them paraphernalia such as shirts, paintings, mugs, books, or videos.

2. How well do you know your rider?

You probably know your loved one's habits inside and out, but if you don't, you should observe them carefully. Do they just ride on weekends or are they a die-hard biking enthusiast? Books that cover basic riding techniques might be a little too simplistic for the former, and they might get annoyed that you weren't paying attention to how much they ride. On the other hand, a racing suit might not get much use if your loved one just rides on the weekend. Think carefully before your make your purchase and everything will be fine.

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3. What kind of bike does your loved one ride?

Some people just won't ride anything but a Harley. Some people absolutely hate them. Some love riding an old Harley sportster, while others love a flashy Harley Screaming  Eagle. Sure, we all love bikes, but that doesn't mean you can get the same gear for everyone. The key is to research before you buy anything. Look at pictures, check out the official website, and look closely at the type of gear each site sells.

4. What does every motorcyclist need?

Some gear may vary from bike to bike, but there are many products that anyone can use. If nothing else, you can get a gift card from a dealership or harley website. Who doesn't like free money? Other things include battery tenders, owner's manuals, anti-fog face shields (just make sure that he or she is wearing a full face helmet), and cleaning supplies. These are all Harley Davidson gifts that are thoughtful and show just how much you care.