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Harley Davidson Helmets, Safety with Style

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but protecting yourself while riding should be one of your main concerns after you have purchased your motorcycle. There is a huge variety of helmets available on the market, so choosing just one style can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few helpful tips to aid you in deciding which of the Harley Davidson helmets is right for your needs.

When choosing your helmet, there are three different distinct styles to chose from; the three quarter shell helmet, full face helmet, and the half shell helmet. The three quarter helmets have gained popularity over the recent years as they protect the head entirely while remaining secured by a strap that connects to a chin cup. Beanie helmets, or half shell helmets are popular with the older style of Harley Davidson bikes. This type of helmet only covers the top part of the head and offers very little in the way of protection. The last style is the full facial helmet. This style is most popular with people who ride racing bikes, as it covers the entire head all the way down tot he neck.

Aside from choosing one of these styles, you will also need to take into consideration D.O.T Certification, fit and retention. Wearing a helmet is pointless if it does not provide you with the protection you need. This is why the US Department of Transportation must certify all brands and styles of helmet in order to be considered road safe. Any helmet you are considering purchasing should have this sticker clearly visible on the back, so always check for it. Aside from assuring the helmet is road safe, you should also pick one that fits perfectly. Te helmet you are considering purchasing should remain securely strapped to your head and you should not be able to move your head inside the helmet without the helmet moving as well. For particular brands, be sure and check the fitting instructions, as not all helmets have the same instructions.

Aside from the fit, you should be comfortable in the helmet you chose. Harley Davidson helmets often include a face shield to protect you while riding. This shield does not have any impact on your vision and protects you from things like bugs and rocks. Always remember that a full coverage Harley helmet offers more protection than a Harley Davidson half helmet with a face shield.

Once your safety and comfort has been considered, you are free to consider the appearance of the helmet you want to wear. There are a wide variety of graphics you can find on your helmets, or you can even get them painted with a custom image if you are willing to shell out the cash to have it airbrushed. The more complex the design, the more you will have to pay for it. If you are worried about cost, sticking with basic designs that offer the most protection is often a safe bet, but your helmet will have considerably less pizazz than one that has been customized. That being said, you should always go for the model that fits the best and is D.O.T. certified. If the cheapest helmet fits better than an expensive one you were considering, then definitely go for the better fitting helmet.

Overall, you will find that there are plenty of helmets and styles on the market to match your personal taste. For those who prefer the half helmet style, you should remember that these do not provide the best protection when riding.