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Harley Davidson Jewelry Shows People What Your All About

The desire to be free to do what one likes and to go where one pleases is something that every human being on this earth finds appealing and this desire goes beyond any bindings of race, gender and age.

And that’s exactly why we find the bikers who with their leather jackets hard and resolute, daunting motor bikes and the Harley Davidson jewelry of the old Gothic era a complete reflection of our own secretly guarded aspirations and wishes. One is forced to wonder exactly what is it that inspires and instigates the decent, respectable youngsters to mount on to their Harley Davidson’s and start rolling down the road. The hard, rough and tough image of these cyclists are all cycling down the road as they imagine themselves to the be the icings and queens of the area they cycle in and who wouldn’t want to be in a world of complete freedom and independence and who would want to be able to have the freedom to exhibit some of their style and talents.

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The attitude is reflected in the images that the cyclists adopt and their dress code identifies them to the group with whom they are rallying or biking. Some of the more popular and bigger groups have their own logos and insignia which they use on their dress. Some of them use it separately as jewelry accessories and wear it.Generally, cyclists identify with one another by their projected appearance.

Jewelry in cycling is a key aspect to attaining this look. When attempting to embrace the ideal image of a biker, it is vital to keep in mind the principles of abandoning convention, and not compromising one's self to satisfy the whims of another.

Harley Jewelry is a Symbol of a Bikers Freedom

When it comes to crafting jewelry, Gothic icons such as thorned roses, skulls, serpents, and religious imagery have an irresistibly sexy appeal. This is inherent in the thematic combination of sex and mortality. Gothic-style schools even freely promote the usage of piercing, rings and other jewelry in advocacy of death metal. Frequently, this fine jewelry is seen paired with black leather and similar clothing, similar to existing quintessential cycling apparel.

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Harley Davidson jewelry, however, separates itself from confusion with Gothic jewelry by the composition of the material itself. Increased thickness in this sense equates to an increased perception of masculinity. James Dean and other Hollywood heartthrobs of riding popularized the complements of steel and leather, the building blocks of the rebellious “born to be wild” persona. Contemporary standards are thematically guided by the "bigger is better" maxim – hardly unfamiliar territory for those who live by the carefree creed of the self-confident biker.