The BlueAnt F4 Keeps You In Touch

motorcycle stereo headset

A Motorcycle Stereo Headset lets you Take Calls and Listen to Tunes

The newest in wireless motorcycle stereo headsets from BlueAnt is the Stereo F4, ideal for any motorcyclist who wants to take their music and phone calls in full stereo along for the ride. BlueAnt continues to lead the international industry in Bluetooth enabled devices, and achieves a level of perfection in quality unmatched by other products.

Included in the Stereo F4 kit are a number of features which cater to the needs of on the go riders who are serious when they mean "hands free." A simple voice command allows the user to accept or reject a phone call without taking a hand off the controls, and volume of music is automatically adjusted based on the ambient noise, ensuring your music is never too loud or too quiet. In addition to auto volume leveling, the headset will stop your music if you receive a call, again saving you from fumbling with headset controls and risking unsafe driving.

The BlueAnt Stereo F4 is designed for compatibility, able to connect to virtually any Bluetooth device from a cell phone or iPod to a GPS device, giving you tons of tunes, or turn by turn, whichever you prefer. Not only does it feature wireless compatibility, but the stereo F4 can be fitted into full faced or open faced helmets. Do you like to feel the rain hitting your face at 60 MPH? Not to worry, the headset is tested to be wind, water, and weather resistant, providing you with true high quality Bluetooth Stereo sound no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

This level of compatibility means you can listen to music, make phone calls, and listen to turn by turn directions from your GPS all with one system tucked away neatly into the helmet you already love, all without having to replace any of your existing electronics.

The Motorcycle Headset Lets you stay in Touch with your Fellow Riders

Of course the BlueAnt F4's first functionality is as a means of communication, not only syncing up with your phone, but also able to connect to other interphones, allowing you to communicate much more effectively with your fellow riders and passengers than with hand signals or yelling over the noise of wind and engines. Not only is this better for communication, it is much safer than the more outdated methods, allowing you to keep both hands on the controls, and both eyes on the road. Because of the advanced technology BlueAnt uses, this motorcycle stereo is able to communicate with others like it over a distance of 1640 feet, in other words, about one-third of a mile.

This technology, however, can't be found at your local retailer, and is completely different from the run-of-the-mill $20 Bluetooth motorcycle headset available in the electronics department. This headset is an investment, and well worth every penny. While it is aimed at serious motorcyclists who demand the best from every product they use, it can also be useful to riders who do not find pleasure in the unbroken monotony of long trips. The F4 can be utilized solely for entertainment rather than communication, or simply to avoid consulting a GPS unit constantly.

The bottom line is the BlueAnt Stereo F4 headset is the most compatible, most dependable motorcycle stereo headset system in its class, and will be sure to surpass whatever expectations you may have for it.